Sunday, August 09, 2009

Flickr Uploadr: 2.3.1 vs. the Rest of the World

'Write when you're inspired' is the advice; it's a shame that I'm currently inspired by an irksome piece of technology rather than some wondrous facet of creation that deserves praise.

So, the gripe I have is with Flickr's desktop uploaders: they just haven't worked since version 2.3.1 for the Mac. Further, since I invariably feel excited by the prospect of an updated piece of software, each time a new version is released I get duped into trying it out (the current version is 3.2.1). The final straw is that they have also now removed version 2.3.1 from their web site.

This evening I spent half an hour hunting through the Help Forums for version 2.3.11, and fruitlessly trying out the later evolutions up to the present 3.2.1.

I'm still using 2.3.1.

  1. In case I forget, 2.3.1 is still available for downloading here.